Convention days 0-1

Ubercon III is under way! Ben and I got here on Thursday afternoon, and spent most of the day setting up the equipment, meeting hte rest of the crew, and generally testing stuff out. A good first day… however…

We ended up sacking out around midnight or so, and after a fairly decent nights sleep, came down to have breakfast and get to work again. We came back into the ballroom, and the first thing I noticed… was my laptop was gone. I had left my nice little IBM T-20 on the table with the rest of the equipment, next to my Olympus C-700 camera. Sometime during the night, somebody had liberated it from the room. All the other equipment was untouched, this was definately a theft of opportunity. 🙁 Police report filed, we moved on.
Nothing critical was lost (other than the equipment), and it looks like insurance will cover it, but I’m still pretty bummed. The room -was- locked, and the hotel told us they locked it, but… alas.
ANYWAY – after that, things got very busy. Everything’s set up, people are registering, the badge printers are whirring away, and the con is under way.
I have to admit, this is _FUN_. This is the first Ubercon for me that has the energy and excitement I was looking for. A lot of gaming, fun, people, and just general excitement going on. THere’s a lot of Unreal Tournament being played, as well as Dungeon Siege, and a host of other games that I can’t recognize.
Nearby is a pictionary game going on, with various artists from online comic strips competing. Neat!!!
Anyway, more as I get some spare time, I’ll try to keep folks posted…


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