Convention, day 2.

Holy shit there’s a lot of people here. Current reg counts are something like 950 registrations, about 780 attendees (which is about right 🙂 . The LAN room is stuffed, their setting up tables in the halls to take up the overflow.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event where -every- gaming table was occupied. There’s always some poor chap there sorting his Magic cards looking for a game. Boy, not here – everyone who wants to play is either in a game, or watching a game.
Gaming runs from AD&D and variant desktop RPG games (several of those going on in the smaller function rooms). Console gaming (X-Box and playstation games, including a nice big DDR setup), and of course the Main Room, which has miniatures along one side, and LAN gaming on the other
The vendor room is busy as well, with nVidia putting up an awesome display of their cards. They’re showing a pre-release of something that looks pretty awesome, but I’ve been playing a bunch of Unreal Tournament 2004 which is pretty friggin cool I have to admit.
Last night when I should have gone to bed, I finally sat down (well, stood up), and played Dance Dance Revolution for about an hour. Aside from being a mighty fun game, it’s -EXHAUSTING!. I was sore and sweaty after it, but durned if I’m not going to play a bunch more later. 🙂
Oops, Ben just called me on the radio, gottago.
Lunch tables are open, so I think I’ll go and get some food.


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