Well, finally did it.

Today I gave my employers final notice that I’m leaving as of Wednesday of next week. That means the dreaded exit interview, and all that jazz.
They’re really in a hard place, and I wish my teammates well, but I have to get out of there. It’s doing me no good to hang on there, and I’ve already gone 5 weeks -past- when I said i was leaving, and even THAT date was 3 months notice. They’re still understaffed. *sigh*
Now all I need is customers.

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2 thoughts on “Well, finally did it.

  1. Have you been working part time or full time for the past 5 weeks? It’ll be good to get out of there. And yes, find bunches of customers so I can work part time coding for you.

  2. Yup, been working part time for 5 weeks now, and though it’s been good doing 2 days a week on Stonekeep stuff, -not- having any flexibility at all at work has really made it difficult.
    Customers would be good. I’m tryin. 🙂

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