Hah! Victory over encroachment!

On the evenings when we have company over, Zach’s room becomes the guest room, which of course means Zach has to sleep somewhere else. That means either Cat’s bed or mine. Last night it was mine. One problem. Zach turns into Claude Van Damme in the middle of the night, and likes using my back for target practice.
But this time….

It shouldn’t be THAT big a problem. I mean, it’s a king sized bed, it’s just me and a 53lb 5 1/2 yr old, right? Wrong! Aside from the fact that the cat likes sleeping RIGHT between my legs (no snickering, please), so once I settle into a nice position, it’s like a bowling ball drops in to pin me down. *THUNK*. “Okay, guess I’m here for a while!”
Last night I got clever before Zach went to sleep. I took a body pillow we have, and laid it down the middle of the bed (okay, not quite the middle). I told Zach that his spot was between the pillow and the wall. He snuggled down in that space, and was soon zonked out.
Eventually I laid down to read, and watched the Amazing Ronco Zach-o-Matic Sleeping Child Barrier in action. Zach tends to spin like a top when he sleeps, and not around his long axis either. He ended up sideways, his feet going _UP_ the wall like some bizarre stretching exercise, but THE BARRIER HELD!
I enjoyed a kick-free night! Woohoo!
Now to do something about that cat. Hmm. Maybe if I put the hooky-velcro stuff on the ceiling… then just wait until she’s nice and relaxed, then -snap- the blankets. *Fweee* *MROW!* *thlup*. Kitty on the ceiling!


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2 thoughts on “Hah! Victory over encroachment!

  1. The barrier is also effective for cats. I end up with a cat sleeping on my body pillow when I’m not home and also at night sometimes. Maybe put a t-shirt on the pillow so it is soft and warm and kitty friendly and that’ll start the transition.
    Congrats on the barrier holding, btw. 😀

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