Working from home…

Ahh, day 1 at home full time. Work is getting done, UPS is delivering and picking things up, I’ve had my coffee, and I’m going to get lunch shortly. Clients contacted, emails exchanged, contracts negotiated.
I responded to every one of them with “Take me off your list”, we’ll see if it helps. Have folks signed onto the National Do Not Call list, and has it worked? This is gonna drive me batshit.

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3 thoughts on “Working from home…

  1. I signed our home number up when it first was an option, and telemarketing calls (or rather, the “Unavailable” calls on caller ID with no message left which I’m 99.95% sure were telemarketers) to my house have dropped off dramatically in the last few months.

  2. In fact, I haven’t signed up for the DNC list because simply ignoring “Unavailable” calls seems to do a pretty effective job at screening them out. Figure any legit caller will leave a message.

  3. Qwest offers a filtering system out here. A call comes in and is identified as a likely suspect. The call gets routed to a “we don’t take calls from telemarketers. if this is a real person, say your name at the prompt.” (ok, not exactly those words.) Then we get a ring on the phone with a different tone that says “hey, this is one of those calls.” We haven’t talked to telemarketers in a looooong time.

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