Kitty talent

One of our housecats, Zhivago, hopped up on my desk a few minutes ago, turned in circles a few times, and plopped down on the keyboard to ‘endor’, the machine I’m building for CONGO work. The screen beeped a few times, fine, no harm there. Then I heard the unmistakable ‘clunk’ of a monitor changing sync rates.
Zhivago, while makin muffins on the keyboard, managed to key the sequence that causes X-windows to change resolution… Control-Alt-+.
I removed the keyboard from under the cat, only causing a slight pause in the purring, and put it aside. Zhivago remains, at this moment, in the middle of my desk.


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2 thoughts on “Kitty talent

  1. My new kitty, Samba, has sent mail twice so far by laying on my laptop and managing to do magic in Pine.
    She also likes to IM folks.

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