Okay, maybe not quite that bad.
Ya’ll may have noticed that I’ve been posting some new reviews, and made a new section just for Linux and Mac playable webgames. I was getting tired of going to websites that advertise WEB GAMES! Play online for free!, only to find the links for the games are either ActiveX applications or simply a downloadable .exe file. The net is far from homogenous, guys, get with the program.
Anyway, as part of my fight against The Man, I decided to start collecting the best of the online games that are not windows-dependent. As I started working through them, I realized that my Flash player for Firefox was not working. While this doesn’t affect Java based games, it really does limit access to some of the more entertaining stuff.
What followed was 3-4 hours of arguing with multiple Firefox installs trying to get the plugin to work. Firefox would recognize it, and ‘about:plugins’ would show it, but nothing would display. I’m still not running, so until I do, no more game reviews. (If anyone has deep insight in to configuring Debian Linux and Firefox to run this correctly, I’d love to hear about it.)
The other chaotic element is we’re going to move all the MovableType based blogs off Homeport and onto Dwight’s machine, which is a managed system located at Serverbeach. This’ll give us greater bandwidth, better support, and less dependency on our home connectivity.
This will affect Planet Geek (Yours truly!), Emergent Chaos (Adam’s fine blog!), (Voice your rights!), and (Conferences are cool!). We’re planning to do it in a way that will generate zero downtime, so even the people running the blogs shouldn’t notice the change, but there may be a bump or two along the way.
Fun right here in river city!


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