Why don’t I use the Livejournal Comments system?

I have a fairly large readership that uses Livejournal as a news aggregator for reading my blog postings. This posting is for them…
Ya’ll probably notice a tagline in the postings you see that ask not to use the Livejournal comments mechanism to post replies. The reasoning behind this is that I want to keep commentary on the postings in one place – on the blog itself. When you comment on the feed in Livejournal, you’re just commenting on ‘a copy of’ the article, not the article itself.
I do understand that there are elements of the Livejournal comments mechanism that I do not have available in Movable Type (my blogging software), such as threaded comments, etc. I’m working to add that functionality via plugins, but for the time being, I do ask that if you want to comment on my postings, please click through to the original article, and comment there.


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3 thoughts on “Why don’t I use the Livejournal Comments system?

  1. Ah, that tagline wasn’t there before…!
    Yah, there was a version of it there a while ago, but something wonky in how LJ handles its syndicated feeds made it stop working. Lisa and I finally figured it out last night, and updated the feeds, so there ya have it 🙂

  2. The seat removal is really quick and easy – you’ve done it on the van before, right? Lemme know if you need guidance. Good luck on the transport!

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