Biofuel in Boston!

There’s a company in Dedham that will happily supply your home with biodiesel for heating oil.
I wonder if I can not only fuel my home, but my car from the same source. Hmmm.

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2 thoughts on “Biofuel in Boston!

  1. Cool. They admit that it’s more expensive than petroleum heating oil, but I wonder just how much more. A small difference is probably palatable for people who are motivated to switch, but if it’s a lot more expensive it’s going to be a tough sell until petroleum starts getting too much to bear.

  2. Biofuel

    My former cow-orker Dave had a post the other day about a company here in Massachusetts that is selling soybean-based biofuel as heating oil. Back in high school, the topic for our first year on the debate team was energy…

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