And just to make sure all is NOT spit and vitriol

The first bike ride of the season is always special. Zach and I went riding yesterday for the first time this year (well, anything over just noodling around in the driveway or the like). We took a loop I’ve ridden many times that goes around the south side of Bolton. Total distance is about 6 1/2 miles.
Unfortunately I was riding the Giant trail bike, as opposed to my recumbent (which hasn’t been season-prepped yet), and it reminded me why I dislike upright bikes so much. Very hard on the tailbone (even with a sculpted seat), as well as hard on my overly-sensitive hands (too much weight on the handlebars).
Anyway, Zach did great and we paced at 8-9mph the entire way (mostly flat), which is just fine for a kid on a bike with 20″ wheels 🙂
Need to fix my rear derailler (which, being a click-shift, has drifted to ‘between gear’ state, which also means I can shift right down into Gear 0. Troubling 🙂
On the plus side, the Assabet River Rail Trail group met last week, and I volunteered to help out with some projects on the trail (new kiosks, some clearing, etc). The trail should have about 5 miles of paved road this summer (last year only a mile and a half or so was done). Zach and I took a look at the new tunnel and some of the new trail last week, and things look great. It’s going to be a beautiful ride.
Yay spring!

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2 thoughts on “And just to make sure all is NOT spit and vitriol

  1. Have you thought about aero bars for the bike? They usually go on road bikes, but let you put your elbows down, which would both let your hands off the hook (downsides of straight handlebar, neh?) and help keep your weight forward and over the pedals rather than on your butt!

  2. Sarah asks:
    Have you thought about aero bars for the bike?
    Actually, since this is a trail bike, they wouldnt’ make much sense. Also, this is almost my ‘kicking around’ bike. Something I hop on for a short ride, or something I’ll be riding on dirt trails with. Either way, I rarely ride in normal ‘cruise’ position for more than a couple minutes.
    This was an odd case because my ‘bent wasn’t prepped for riding yet. For this sort of ride, I’d ride it, which has no pressure on the hands at all 🙂

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