Go go gadget ham radio.

This weekend I finally replaced my aging Yaesu 2meter radio in my car with a much nicer Alinco DR-605 I picked up used off the local MMRA mailing list.
The radio came with a nice dual-band antenna, so I needed to rewire the cable ‘snake’ that runs down the middle of the car from the dash to the mounting hardware in the trunk. Not a big deal, took about an hour.
It’s nice being back on the repeaters. There’s a great crew of folks that talk every morning and afternoon, and I can usually join in in the afternoon on the way to Zach’s school.
Feel free to drop in. The repeater I’m using is the one located on top of the ‘rocketship’ in West Marlborough. I’m usually on the 2meter side, 147.270 (see here for the entire repeater listing.)
The 147.270 repeater has ENORMOUS range, and can easily be chatted with from downtown all the way to Worcester, due to it’s outstanding location (check out the views from the tower in the above link 🙂
Anyway, 73’s! … KB1FWR.

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