Lo, I am companioned.

Since we’ve moved to the new house, our roomate, Beth, has forced upon us her menagerie of pets, consisting of One (1) long haired grey cat named Cali, One (1) shorthaired tortoiseshell named Devita, and… one 10yr old Rotweiller mix, named Jasmine.
Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been lusting after having a dog for… well, forever. I work alone at home full time, and having someone near by I can chat with who seems to enjoy my company I always thought would be a big win. Now i’m settling into a work at home pattern that does, in fact, involve a dog. A very friendly dog who is just looking for company during the day, and is quite content to hang out under my desk while I work.
I know Jasmine is not my dog, and I’m still not sure I’m up for the long term responsibility of owning a dog, but gosh, she’s nice to have around.


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