‘The Connection’ getting the axe? Gordon leaving WBUR!

According to an article in the Boston Globe, WBUR is cancelling the outstanding talk show ‘The Connection’, hosted by Dick Gordon. The new station manager, Peter Fiedler, states that the changes are part of a cut back program. “We decided to strengthen local focus because that is where our core listener base is”, he said in a statement.
The Connection is produced at WBUR, but is heard on 66 national stations, including XM Radio. According to the press release, ‘The Connection’ will go silent after August 5th.
I for one am deeply saddened by this news. Dick Gordon made turned the flagging Connection flow into a truly fascinating hour of interviews and details after Chris Lydon’s famous meltdown with WBUR staff. Apparently Gordon’s firing was a surprise to Gordon as well, given to him after his show today.
I hope that another station will pick up the Connection and continue it’s production.


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2 thoughts on “‘The Connection’ getting the axe? Gordon leaving WBUR!

  1. That is a damn shame. Good show. Besides, isn’t that a kinda bad thing to do for a station? If you have something going to other stations that you produce locally, your station gets paid for it. Wouldn’t this hurt their bottom line?

  2. Meanwhile, in a delicious turn of irony, I heard Lydon back on WGBH the other night with his new show.
    I agree that Dick Gordon has done a great job (I am not a fan of Lydon at all), and it’s a big loss to give up that show.

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