Another small contribution to RadioParadise

Recently Radio Paradise got hacked (the full story is on their home page). Bill has been working diligently restoring the site and fixing the code, but I had noticed that one little aspect hadn’t been fixed it (and in fact, was outdated).
So last week I spent some time with The Gimp and created a new ‘favicon’ for the site, and mailed it off to Bill.
He put it online last night. *preen*
(For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, a site ‘favicon’ is the little graphic that appears in a browsers toolbar next to the URL, or in the bookmarks folder next to the sitename. Also, in Firefox, it’s in the window tab. If you’re looking at RP, and don’t see it, then you have a cached version. Hit shift-reload, and it should appear)


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