When Hottubs Fly

Thanks to the generosity of our friends Tim and Ellen, we now have a hottub in our back yard. Titan Movers hauled it over this morning, using a mighty cool big truck. It was a little alarming to see a hottub suspended over our house, but it was only swaying there for a few minutes. Only slight fingernail chewing occurred.
This weekend I had much Manly Man Tool Fun as I built the platform for the tub (levelling it with gravel, concrete, and the like – you can see it under the tub here), using ‘rest points’ as documented in the manual. It’s not a flat pad, but the 2×8’s are under all the points they say should be supported. This, coupled with some inside shelf carpentry, definately filled out my tool-geek needs for the day.
NB: the Ryobi 18v drill and associated OnePlus battery system rocks the house. I drove 36 3″ screws through slightly damp pressure treated 2x8s, and the unit never even flagged. It went on to mount some shelving and hooks later in the afternoon, and is still going strong.
Now to get the wiring hooked up.


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3 thoughts on “When Hottubs Fly

  1. Excellent pictures! I’m really sorry I missed the swinging of the tub over our house. 🙂
    Are those 2x8s really enough to hold a full tub? That thing weighs something like 1000 lbs all by itself, and the water is going to add another 4000 lbs. 🙂

  2. I second Tim’s question — the folks we bought the tub from told us we had to put it on a concrete or brick patio, or it would sag. I’d just as soon it didn’t sag before Mosaic move-in 🙂

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