Return O The Dave

An incredibly busy couple days has rendered my posts almost non-existent. There’s several reasons for this, I’ll try and enumerate some of my own realizations and other influences…

  • It appears I do a ton of my blogging directly on my laptop. Perhaps while waiting for Z to go to sleep, or while sitting around at places other than my desk. When my keyboard on the laptop broke, I lost the ability to make (intelligent) posts while undocked. So I basically stopped posting. Interesting.
  • It is possible to get less than 24 hours notice for a meeting down in NJ – rearrange schedules, get a hotel room, drive down, get almost no sleep (not sure why), get up for a meeting, drive back to Boston in time for practice, get dinner, and be home, and NOT go completely insane. I think.
  • On the geekier side, I think I have finally outgrown my laptop. Eclipse is a total memory hog, and running it, plus my appserver, and what will most likely require an instance of a small database, is more than my little 1.4mghz 768meg laptop can handle, and still run my desktop, mail, and all the other stuff I do. Options are actually including looking to get a high end desktop machine for primary development. Eek!
  • This weekend Cat goes out of town, and on Saturday, we go to Maine to close down the maine house, and Sunday, we go to the circus! (Okay, so what’s the best way to take the T to the thing-formerly-known-as-the-fleet-center?).
  • My direct ownership of my little golf is coming to an end. Cat is selling the Subaru and taking the Golf as her primary vehicle. We have aquired a new van which will be my car when I need to use it (usually to pick up Z at school. Since I don’t commute, my daily drive is less than 10 miles total usually. Having this much cargo space, people capacity, and towing capacity is going to be ENORMOUSLY helpful for events, general work, and going on trips. I’ve already hauled a bed in it, as well as moved a vanload of lumber. Yay.
  • Rebuilding steps when the landlord refuses to is a very therapeutic process. The old steps were a single 2×6 nailed across the tread, leaving a huge gap behind the tread. Very scary to walk on. I removed all the treads and replaced them with full-depth treads and put kickboards on the risers. Of course, the risers are DIFFERENT HEIGHTS on the 2 sections of the steps. Grumble. Kudos once again to the enormously wonderful 18v Ryobi cordless drill. I wonder if the circular saw version works as well? I used a standard skilsaw to cut my boards, but I could see the benefit of a cordless. More on this later.
  • All the parts for my MythTV projects have arrived, but problems with the host machine have cropped up. Curses!
  • My contract with the folks in NJ is extended basically indefinately. This is… very very good.

I think that should be enough for one life update.


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6 thoughts on “Return O The Dave

  1. You can either take the Framingham/Worcester line to Back Bay, transfer to the Orange Line, take that inbound to North Station and walk across the street, or take the Fitchburg/South Acton line to North Station and walk upstairs.

  2. Annoyingly, North Station (which *is* the Fleet Center) is only on the Green and Orange lines. You could park at Riverside and take the Green line in. If you do that, I’d recommend taking any Green Line train to Park St. or even Copley on the way home, as most D trains don’t go further up than Gov’t center and you’ll catch one much faster that way 🙂

  3. The Riverside route is closer to what will work for us I think. Riverside is not far from us here, and is an ‘interesting’ train ride (as opposed to always underground).

  4. Congrats on the steps and the van. What will you do about the laptop. Big congrats on the extended contract! How’d the meeting in NJ go?

  5. We’re going to the 1pm show. I don’t have the exact seat arrangements around, but if you’re going to be there, and don’t see us, feel free to ring me at 978 239 5902 !

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