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Why yes, we did get a lot of snow, why do you ask? This was a remarkable storm. I had to drive for several hours in it, and there was lightning, thunder, and almost zero visibility. At 3pm in the afternoon. At around 6pm, it just… stopped. The front moved through like a knife, and we had a beautiful sunset under rapidly clearing skies. Remarkable.

I’ve driven some in some horrible weather, but this was one of the heaviest snowfalls we’ve ever had. In broad daylight it was treacherous. I can’t imagine what this might have been like at night.

The forecast was for 6-10 inches. I think we ended up with about 14″ here in Natick.

For other pictures of the sunset, click on through to my flickr account, but also check out some of the pictures Diana posted (she’s about 15 miles north of me)


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4 thoughts on “porchsnow

  1. I can’t imagine what this might have been like at night.
    Traffic on Cambridge streets was moving at substantially less than a walking pace. I saw a 91 bus hit a telephone pole, but there didn’t seem to be much damage to the bus. Minor roads ranged from clear to icy but rideable — I had no problem making it up Summer Hill on the bike.

  2. Great photo! Lemme tell you, it took just over an hour to go the 15 miles from my apartment to the exit on 95 for 90. UGH! I didn’t get to Points’ until after 9pm. 🙁

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