Our gig last Friday


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Well, this was our first ‘full’ gig – 3 1/2 hours of music on the day of the biggest snowstorm this year so far. Oddly, we all made it (eventually), and there was a decent crowd. We didn’t suffer any major equipment failures, and we only lost track of where we were in the songs… once or twice…

But in the end, it was just fun. At times I could feel my bass thrumming in my hands as I kept the low-line on songs, and I knew the rest of the band was in tune with it and just running. My amp was right next to me on the floor, and I could feel the vibration from it pounding out low E’s and G changes that just held the songs true. A bass guitar is almost part of the rhythm section. With the drummer, we keep the beat and the pace of the song. I work pretty well with our drummer, and at times I stop thinking about how 6 months ago I was dreaming about how much I wanted to be in a band and making this kind of music, and just settled into what we were playing.

It was a good night.


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4 thoughts on “Our gig last Friday

  1. “A bass guitar is almost part of the rhythm section.”
    Almost? Most places I’ve seen ‘rhythm section’ defined have bass listed.
    It’s much rarer when it ISN’T part of the rhythm section – say if you’re Victor Wooten doing solo/lead work…

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