LJ RSS Feeds suck it. New methodology ho!

Apparently LiveJournal / SixApart have collectively decided that external RSS feeds aren’t worth fixing. Rather that continue arguing against this idiocy, with help from Lisa and MTLJPost, I’ve set up Planet Geek to crosspost new entries both on the blog and directly into LJ.
How does that impact you, dear reader? Not in the slightest if you don’t use Livejournal. However, if you’re part of the teeming masses schizophrenically reloading your friends page, you can probably relegate the shayde_blog RSS feed to the back burner for now. From now on, anything posted to Planet Geek will automatically appear in my livejournal page in realtime.
Until I can figure out how to turn off comments in Livejournal, though, I ask that you please comment back on the blog, rather than in LJ, though it’s less of an issue now (under RSS feeds in LJ, comments were deleted after two weeks).
This ends this test of the Emergency Rant System. Had this been a real rant… well, it was actually. Deal.


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5 thoughts on “LJ RSS Feeds suck it. New methodology ho!

  1. Err… Nnnooo… that’s the trick of this. Unless I create a new ‘user’ in LJ for echoing the posts, if you stop reading LJ, you’ll miss any locked posts I may do. Both of these answers aren’t great, alas.
    I don’t know if you can tell LJ to only show you locked posts? Dunno.

  2. Alas, you’re wishing too much of dear little LJ. It can neither show you only locked posts or turn off comments automatically on a cross-post (You can turn off comments for a single post, but it has to be done manually, which is a pain). Your adoring readers will just have to configure their own pages and attempt to follow directions. 🙂

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