A successful movie night.

Last night the a-forementioned movie night was had at Chez Geek. This was my first real chance to show off the new monitor setup. We chose Chronicles of Narnia for presentation – so the kids could attend, and the grownups would have something to enjoy as well.

Everything went off well! We had 9 folks (including 3 kids), which was juuust about the right number for that space. Friendlier / snugglier people may have been able to squeeze more in, but I the combination of kids and a warm summer evening didn’t make for comfortable tightly packed folks 🙂
This was also the test of the new room arrangement. I was getting a little frustrated with the old setup – the monitor was in a place that made it hard for a largish group of people to watch, Yesterday I changed things around, and the result made it a lot more comfortable…
Viewing setup - Before
Viewing setup - After
After the movie we hung out and chatted for a while, which was nice. I set the Myth box to show the ‘slideshow’ of images I had piled into /myth/gallery. While this provided a very attractive backdrop, the gallery function in Myth has a very hard time NOT repeating images, no matter if we’re in ‘slideshow’ or ‘random’ mode. I suspect it has to do with the thumbnailing function in it, but after seeing 2 images flip back and forth 6 times, I knew it wasn’t random.
After the kids went to bed, I introduced a friend to Robot Chicken and we had a grand old goofy time.
All in all a good evening.


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2 thoughts on “A successful movie night.

  1. “Televisions are not the dominant feature of social spaces.”
    I guess you’re not at Homeport anymore, eh?
    Nice TV!

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