Say it ain’t so! U-Bet not in glass anymore?

From Foxs Syrups Website (Granted, the website is 4 years out of date, but still!) :

U-bet Plastic Bottle at November 01, 2002
We are pleased to announce that we are changing our packaging to a NEW plastic squeeze bottle.
After 75+ years in glass, we have decided that in order to better serve you, our customers, we must change our packaging. Be assured that our product has not nor will ever change at all. We are committed to the same standards of excellence that we have always strove to achieve.

A certain someone once got me an entire case of u-bet chocolate syrup in the 32oz glass jars. They lasted almost a year. I’d be mighty sad if the wonderful glass jars are no more!


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2 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so! U-Bet not in glass anymore?

  1. Ooo I’m dyin agin
    This is so sad. Dad once hauled a jar out here for me and we spent the next days washing the syrup out of everything from the broken jar.
    I guess it will eliminate that problem, but still.

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