MIT Flea. Geek joy!

I do so love going to the MIT Fleamarket, aka the swapfest. It hearkens back to my days of attending the Trenton Computer Festival down in NJ every spring. That was a 3 day long affair with acres and acres of toys and goodies. The MIT flea is far smaller, taking up (in todays case) 3-4 floors of a parking garage, but Zach and I still had a good time.

Todays haul:

  • A Rokenbok monorail toy for Zach. These are generally fairly expensive, but this unopened box (train and track and accessories) we got for $15. Can’t complain.
  • An HP print server to address my load problems on badge printers during busy events. (Durn HP 500 print servers? 3 ports? ITS SINGLE THREADED. Means only one printer can print at a time. Bastages.) $10.
  • A handheld ‘shake ’em up’ LED flashlight for Zach. I like the no batteries part. 🙂
  • A Cuecat scanner for the oft-delayed media inventorying project. $1.
  • A random AGP nVidia video board. It appears to be something higher end than my aging MX400 card. Has a DVI port on it and a cooling fan, so we’ll give it a shot. $5,

I really was tempted by a 500-piece 11.5oz poker chip set in case for $50, but I demurred. 🙂


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