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What’s a cool thing to do with your son on a nice lazy Saturday morning? Why, it’s time to finally sort all the DVDs and bring the inventory listings up to date! Yay!
Doesn’t sound like much fun? Actually, it was a blast 🙂 Zach and I went through all the DVDs, sorted them, and got them back up on the shelving in the proper order. Then we went through my incredibly outdated inventory list, and found what discs were missing (about 15), and what ones were not in the inventory (about 80).
I updated my flat HTML file with all my movies on it, noting in italics the ones that are missing (anyone have these?), but also took a look around the net for a possible inventorying tool.
I played around with DVD Aficionado a little, and I sort of like their “bulk import” function. I was able to paste in my listing, and it matched it up with ‘best guesses’ for what movies I was talking about. It got it right about 80 percent of the time, letting me go back and re-choose ones that didn’t match.
Unfortunately, the database is missing a ton of entries. Of my 210 or so movies, 15 weren’t in the database -at all- (no entry for ‘Animal House’? Cmon!). I know the DB can be updated, but I just wanted to do a quick crack at it.
So here’s my listing on dvdaficionado. It breaks down what I entered by category and links to IMDB and all that. I may try and keep it up to date, but really, my videos.html file is the definitive source.
Next project will be inventorying the laserdiscs. Oh my.

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