A smirk for the morning

From a conversation with Kevin about his final decision to punt windows and move on to better things…

nickhalfasleep sez:
Amazon users who bought a mac also purchased:
* Beret
* Black Sweater
* Smug attitude

While that certainly brought me a chuckle, the conversation definitely let me hash out bits about the triumphs and the pitfalls of abandoning the great satan (and I don’t mean the US government). The path away from Windows has always included Macs as a destination, but IMHO, until OSX was rolled out, that path could not be seen as a serious alternative.
What’s interesting now is watching how the bar has been raised on (dare I say) ‘both’ alternate environments. Linux and OSX. Both have matured enormously in the last 5 years, from ‘toys’ and ‘hacker student environments’ into true enterprise class platforms, while in all honesty, Windows has changed little.


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One thought on “A smirk for the morning

  1. I <3 OS X. I’ve been using it since 10.0, and have been mucking about “under the hood” for that entire time. If you think it’s looking good now, wait til you see 10.5.

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