XM Advertising Execs – Ignorance is… something

The folks over at XM Radio really need to copy edit their advertising.
On the way home from picking up the kids in the carpool, I’m listening to XM, when I hear an ad for XM’s MLB channels. Now I’m all for baseball… it rocks, particularly when the Sox beat the tar out of the Yankees, but… when the ad copy says, and I’m quoting from memory here…

Coming to you from 22 million miles overhead… MLB Baseball, XM Channel 175

I had no idea that they were putting satellites well outside the orbit of the moon.
Snarks aside, XM provides services via two satellites in geosynchronous position over the equator (interestingly called ‘Rhythm’ and ‘Blues’. Geosync satellites orbit the earth at the same speed the earth is rotating, so they appear ‘stationary’ over one point on the planet. To do this, they have to orbit at an altitude of approximately 22,000 miles. (that’s thousand, not million).
I guess accurate copy just doesn’t make very interesting ads.


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