Life snapshot…

“Yeah zach, what’s up?”
“I’m posting something in a forum, how do you make a link?”
(Dad pauses here, thinking scary thoughts about open forums, but willing to check it out…)
“What forum?”
(Another pause to check it out – chats about online games. Okay, this seems innocuous enough…)
(details about how to make a PHPBB link in a forum post)
“Oh, that’s easy, thanks!”
sakkura. My son. Am I ready for this? I mean, he’s already talking smack to other players 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Not sure if this should make me squee with glee or totally give me the heebee jeebees.


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2 thoughts on “Life snapshot…

  1. An ex-boss of mine had three young daughters who exhibit various degrees of geekitude. He has some filtering software on his firewall to keep them from stuff he deems inappropriate for them.
    He knows someday one of them will get around the filtering, and he’s unsure of he’ll be more angry or more proud.

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