Dear eBay. Fix your HTML. Again.

I know you’re the largest online auction house on the planet. I realize that despite the bazillions of dollars you rake in on a yearly basis, you still haven’t been able to hire a single competent site designer, and after 10-ish years of operation, your site still looks like it was hacked together by a business major playing around with Microsoft FrontPage.
Requiring ActiveX when selecting images to upload is patently ridiculous, particularly when my browser signature specifically says I’m coming from a Linux box.

c.activeXVersion = ‘1,0,3,48’;

You’ll be receiving a bill shortly for the 20 minutes I spent booting my Windows machine, moving images over to it, and recreating my auction from scratch.
Luv, me.


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3 thoughts on “Dear eBay. Fix your HTML. Again.

  1. HehRequiring Active/X for anything smacks of either gross ignorance, laziness, or both.
    Good luck with eBay’s “designed with frontpage” style, though. Well-designed sites are far and few in-between, yet the unwashed masses don’t seem to care.

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