Data Recovery: DENIED


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So what happens when you’re retiring a computer that has had your personal financial information on it for the last 7 years, and you really don’t want that information falling into someone elses hands?

Why, you uninstall the drive, get a hammer, hand both to your 9yr old son, and say “HAVE AT YE!”

I’d like to see Drivesavers recover THAT information. (Note – I’ve had to use that company before, usually after an executive does Something Dumb with their laptop, such as check it. At an airport. In a soft carrying case. When an advanced, powerful machine consisted of 20lbs of NEC v80 powah.)


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4 thoughts on “Data Recovery: DENIED

  1. I saved that bag of parts JUST so you could blog about it šŸ˜‰
    you’ll be please to know that first we disassembled the computer, and then i worked with him to identify which was the hard drive and what each cable going to it was.

  2. Last couple of hard drives I wanted to destroy, I put them in the (outdoor) fireplace. The plastic etc burned off (yes, I know, bad environmentally) and all that was left was the aluminium from the platters, which went molten, formed a long Rorschach-esque puddle, and then solidified. It was awesome.

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