Apparently Zach can walk through walls. Yep, it’s easy for him, he even almost got me to do it, he said it was easy. I kept having him do it over and over again, then went over to the common house, and showed Diana, and she didn’t believe it either, until I finally convinced him to stick his hand through a door. “See?!?!” I said. She was flabbergasted.
Now all I had to do was figure out how to film it so it didn’t look fake, and to convince Zach to keep doing it for people (he was getting bored). Once I had it filmed and the like, that million dollars would be ours, and it would solve a lot of our short term problems.
Then I woke up…


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One thought on “Dreaming…

  1. Well, you know, just a few weeks ago he could walk through the walls of the common house! Of course, so could I.
    So the real trick is how do we fail to lose that skill?

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