The Weekend, Redux

A couple quick notes from this past weekend.
First, Rock Band 2. ZOMG. I absolutely understand that the PS2 version of Rock Band vastly outsells the Xbox version, but going from our PS2 setup at home (which, admittedly, is pretty good), to a full Rock Band 2 setup on an XBox 360 with about 100 downloaded tracks added to the mix? No comparison, whatsoever. Thanks Doug, I think. 🙂
This may break my self-imposed ban on buying an Xbox. I understand the money situation, but I still don’t like having to buy a Microsoft product just to use one of the best console titles I’ve ever seen. Grump.
Second, thank you blk for a great weekend of hiking, socializing, and hanging out. And for anyone else who ever has the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh, don’t miss the pancakes.
On geeky personal news, I made a bunch of progress on CONGO, as well as thinking about project planning and deliverables. I managed to get Browse working properly while on the plane (why do I do my best coding while jammed into a plane seat? It’s weird), just before my battery died 🙁 I’m on track for my self-imposed schedule of having an FC release by December 1st. I just have to give up sleep. *nod*
Continuing the mental rambling, I was disappointed to note that an idea I had while watching the hustle and bustle of a large airport has already been patented. At least it’s a fairly recent patent, so it’s not like I came up with something and discovered it was considered and discarded a few decades ago.
Last but not least, I continue to love my iPhone. This was my first real trip with it, and having full time access to my email, as well as some intarweb and a few games was awesome. I’m disappointed in the battery life (it requires a complete, full topping up charge -every- night, no cheating), and a couple hours of serious use can deplete it, but it’s a solvable problem. I just have to train myself to charge it regularly.
I have, however, managed to lose my headphones. (The iPhone has a modified set if iPod headphones, adding a microphone dongle). Since I haven’t been a big fan of the iPod style ear buds, I’ll be hunting around for a set of mic-enabled travel headphones now. Any recommendations would be appreciated. They have to fold up nicely. I think I’d like to try a set of on-the-ear headphones again (I’ve been using a variety of in-ear phones for a while), but I’m not interested in the “hang the headphone on the earlobe” style. I don’t mind the bracket-style, as long as it folds up.
Enough rambling for this morning, off to code…


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