Semantics debate.

So apparently I’m out on my own here, but to me, when someone says “next Saturday”, they are talking about the very next Saturday that will occur. Apparently I’m in the minority here. When someone tells me, on Wednesday, “Hey, we’re doing something next Saturday” – I naturally assume they’re talking about the day 4Read More

Snow day!

You call that a snowstorm? There were noises of this snowfall being somewhat dramatic, with forecasts of up to a foot of snow, yaddayadda. Total snowfall ended up being about 5 inches. Enough to cover the ground, and enough to need snowblowing, Ahh, the snowblower! What is it about working with machinery that’s so satisfying?Read More

Fun Flash games.

Folks on IRC pointed me at ‘Grow’ today, and I spent probably more time than I should ahve playing it. I’m still fiddling, I’m up to 9000pts, with 8 maxed. I’ll amend this if I get better. ‘Grow’ is available here.

And on the other side of the desk…

Remember that Thinkpad I just bought? Well, the drive is… well, iffy on it. 20gig 9.5mm laptop drive. It’s whining something fierce. A little birdie reminded me that IBM warranties are totally transparent to who owns the laptop. So first checking in on IBM’s website, SCORE! It’s still under warranty! Off to IBM’s tech service,Read More

Would you trust these people?

From The Progress Report on…. RUMSFELD DISHONESTY CAUGHT ON FILM: The most vivid display of the Administration’s widening credibility gap came when CBS’s Bob Schieffer asked Rumsfeld “If Iraq did not have WMD, why did they pose an immediate threat to this country?” Rumsfeld retorted, “You and a few other critics are the onlyRead More

Working from home…

Ahh, day 1 at home full time. Work is getting done, UPS is delivering and picking things up, I’ve had my coffee, and I’m going to get lunch shortly. Clients contacted, emails exchanged, contracts negotiated. AND 5 FRIGGIN TELEMARKETING CALLS IN THE LAST 3 HOURS! I responded to every one of them with “Take meRead More

Good business news.

On Friday I got a verbal agreement from an angel investor who has agreed to finance Stonekeep‘s operations at least for 6 months. We’ve agreed on financial arrangements and other details necessary to make this work. This will allow me to focus completely on Stonekeep’s client base and systems and build the company up intoRead More

That’s no boat. That’s a SPACE STATION!

When a J-Class Racing Sloop just isn’t enough. A company has almost completed the largest sloop-rigged sailboat ever. The Mirabella V is 246ft long, sports a carbon fiber mast 300′ high, carries a 29′ 400hp tender in a special ‘garage’ in the transom, as well as a full complement of jetskis, laser racing boats, andRead More

Guilty pleasure

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution, or just ‘DDR’ for short. In premise, it sounds like a bad joke. “Okay, so you stand in front of this computer, on these pads, see, and it shows you the steps to make in time with the music. When it lights up,Read More

A… Not so productive day.

Boy, nothing like having a couple really busy days, then when finally sitting down for First Day On the Job, you don’t get diddly done. *sigh*. Today was nutty with a dentist appt this morning, and 2-3 hours of aftermath where I was hurting a lot more than I normally do after dental work, thenRead More

Salon article on The Pentagon papers

Salon has has posted an amazing article on how “Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war.” What’s also remarkable about this is that Salon has removed their normal ‘you need to watch an ad to read this article’, because they feel this is just too important.


Today was my last day at my fulltime employer. It was harder than I expected to walk out the door, but I still truly believe it’s the right decision for me personally. I’ll be focusing my energy fulltime on my own business now, and all that entails. Part of that will include doing some contractRead More