The Liberal Media at Work… NOT!

This page just showed up on MSNBC. The poll question just boggles the mind. I bet some news site will happily use these results, no matter what the outcome. “62% of those polled said that Guiliani’s speech reassured them in the upcoming election!”

Neato weather station thingy

At the MIT Swapfest a couple weeks ago, I chanced upon a GE Weather Station. This little toy has a wireless sensor you mount outside, and a display to sit on the shelf inside that displays inside/outside temperature, humidity, time, high/low temps since last reset, etc etc. The best part of tihs is that IRead More

Fourth Amendment totebag!

This has been all over Livejournal, but folks in the blogger world should definately check this out. Tired of your civil rights being trampled? At least let people know there -IS- a constitutional law that bans the types of illegal searches going on nowadays in New York and in Boston. Pick yourself up a FourthRead More

XGameStation: Opensource gaming platform

As reported on Slashdot, the XGameStation is “the world’s first video game system development kit designed for education. The kit comes with an assembled XGameStation console, a controller, all necessary cables, a CD containing all system software and tools necessary to develop for the system, and of course, an extensive eBook that explains how theRead More

An interesting evening.

This evening Cat, Zach and I went to friday night services at a temple in Sudbury. This is the first time I’ve done shabbat in probably 25 years. We’re looking at this temple for Zach to go to Hebrew school, and this was sort of their ‘welcoming’ evening. For those who don’t know, one ofRead More

Aieeee! Life! Work! Aiee!

Wow, okay, this is going to be a quick snapshot of what’s going on right now, just to keep folks in the loop. Sorry for nothing particularly deep and poignant lately, but as you’ll see, things are busy… On the Business front, I have 4 events locked in for the next 3 months, with theRead More

Olympics, and why they make me grumpy

I saw this posted over at BKO, and hadn’t seen it in my little corner of the web, so thought I’d pass it on… “In a far cry from the high-minded ideals of humanity and tolerance embodied by the Olympics, the organizers of the Athens games have warned spectators that they could be barred forRead More

A very good coding night.

Wow, what a great coding session. I’ve been continuously frustrated with the look and feel of the web client that goes with CONGO. The client is called “Coconut” (special thanks to Mister Privacy for coming up with that one), and has been slowly expanding into a system that lets you do all the functions thatRead More

Gosh that was easy.

My mom usually has a list of things for me to do everytime I come over with Zach on Wednesday evenings. Normal honey-do sort of things, all par for the course. She had told me that she needed to make an appointment with the dealer to get the headlights fixed on her ’91 Subaru LegacyRead More

“This is for your own good.”

Saw this tale of lost freedom referenced all over the place in Livejournal, I’m passing it on. This, my friends, is where we’re headed. Not only are you being searched illegally, the ‘arbitrary’ nature of the searches puts you under the whim of the searcher. If they don’t like something you have, not for anyRead More