Kitty talent

One of our housecats, Zhivago, hopped up on my desk a few minutes ago, turned in circles a few times, and plopped down on the keyboard to ‘endor’, the machine I’m building for CONGO work. The screen beeped a few times, fine, no harm there. Then I heard the unmistakable ‘clunk’ of a monitor changingRead More

The Man who Saved the World

There’s so many ‘interesting’ articles on the net, and rarely do I forward along articles that don’t have a lot of bearing on things I’m normally going on about. But over at the BKO Lounge, Brian posts a link to a Wikipedia article about Stanislav Petrov, a Russian Colonel who, in September 1983, was onRead More

Palm toy recommendations?

So I’ve had my Kyocera 7135 palm phone for a month or so now, and I’m pretty well settled into it. Syncing with Evolution on my desktop is working perfectly, installing apps via Gpilot-Install-File (okay, not hte most intuitive or gui-yummy way to do it, but it works), and backing up via the Evolution conduitsRead More