Life lessons learned today.

Today I learned: 1) You -can- get used kids skis for a decent price. Play It Again, Sam, a chain of stores around here, had stacks of used kids skis. I got 120cm shaped skis with bindings, size 2 ski boots, and ski poles for a mere $90. Zach and I are ready for theRead More

Hyper-Geeking and field tests

Wow, what a day. Yesterday I buckled down and finally reconfigured the CONGO servers to support the new workstations I’ve been accumulating to replace my iOpeners. It took a couple hours of noodling with LTSP configurations and SSH keys, but in the end I now have a cluster of 4 flatscreen workstations, all booting completelyRead More

Review: Goldstrike

Game: Goldstrike Language: Flash Category: Puzzle / Arcade Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 3 out of 5 Offered by: Flash Arcade (link) Goldstrike is sort of a cross between tetris and Frood. The object is to knock out continguous colored blocks in a wall that is slowly advancing toward you. Your character doesRead More

The Zoomquilt

Many many years ago when I was playing with AutoCAD I made an image that had an remarkably large level of zooms in it. You could zoom in on the picture and find even more pictures, then zoom in on that and there were more, an unending series of images that were small only relativeRead More

Snarky Linux humor…

From Bioware’s notes on the Linux client for Neverwinter Nights, under ‘Things you will need…” 2. CD-Key: You will have to purchase a copy of the game to get a valid Neverwinter Nights CD-Key. Of course, with this purchase you also get a lovely Neverwinter Nights mapkin, a spiral-bound game manual, and three plastic-coated aluminum-reinforcedRead More