Real Life TRON! With GPS!

This is just too cool. Engadget has a link to an article about a real life ‘TRON’ game, using hand held phones and GPS receivers. You pick blue, your opponent picks red. GO! The maps draw in realtime on the display. You can’t cross your own line, you can’t cross your opponents line. First oneRead More

Dayblogging Arisia – Day 2

6:12pm STORM! Aieeee! There’s a major snowstorm (they’re using the word ‘blizzard’ freely: Tonight Snow…heavy at times. Snow accumulation of 10 to 14 inches by morning. Blustery. Not as cold with lows around 10 above. East winds 10 to 15 mph…becoming northeast 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. snow Sunday Snow…heavyRead More

Dayblogging Arisia: Day 0

10:41pm As expected, things went chaotic once I arrived here at the hotel. I’m pretty beat now, but the terminals are all running, we’ve run badges for a large chunk of the staff and guests, the kiosks are running fine, and folks seem to be happy. The reg team has been doing great, we didRead More

Dayblogging Arisia: Day -1

I’m going to try this out, and see how well i can keep up with things. Today is really the first day of prepping for and going to Arisia (a big SF convention in Boston). I’m the Registrar, so I’m responsible for handling all the registrations and making sure everyone gets checked into the convention.Read More

Chair-bop song of the day

Once again, Radio Paradise hits my music button right on the head. This morning it was Less Mccann and Eddie Harris doing their version of the song “Compared to What”, originally written by Eugene Daniels and performed by Roberta Flack more than 35 years ago. This version, performed live in Montreux, Switzerland in 1969, isRead More

A quicky hi!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I posted, thought folks would like to at least get a dave-life-snapshot to get an idea where I’ve been. Mosaic Commons, our Cohousing group, is moving into a very intense state of land and busines negotiations. More details on this shortly… it’s taking a lot of energy and time,Read More

Tinky Flingy Revisited

2 years ago I wrote up an article on a tinker toy trebuchet I had built. Recently, I got mail from Peter Holley with a story of his own: I was goofing around with my kids tinkertoys last night. And ended up with a trebuchet. I used a pull string instead of a weight. IRead More

Seti@Home revisited.

Recently I realized I had 2-3 machines here in Chez Geek that were basically idle 95% of the time. I did regular work on them (one is the server for my CONGO cluster, the other is my Windows XP box that I use for, er, very important projects and, er, other network er… monitoring… stuff.Read More

Photoblogs n fun.

I love photoblogs. Folks posting or finding pictures, commenting on them, etc. The pages about the bad 70’s decorating, the unfortunate foods, all good stuff. Just found this interesting collection. Some true gems in there. (Warning, some entries aren’t suitable for public consumption 🙂

A milestone of sorts.

Just on a lark, I decided to figure out how ‘big’ CONGO had actually gotten. Looking at all the java code, the PHP code, and some HTML (not much, everything is in PHP), my total is just over 20,000 lines of code. This makes this application by far the largest I have ever written (KeystoneRead More