One more nail in DeLay’s coffin.

Yes, the masses can make a difference. Apparently the GOP yahoos have bitten off more than they can chew. Three months ago, as I had mentioned before, the house Ethics committee republicans made a set of 3 rule changes that were basically designed to protect Tom DeLay from further investigations. The Daily Kos points toRead More

Animeboston Ho!!!

I’m gearing up for AnimeBoston, which runs this weekend at the Hynes Convention Center. This is by far my biggest event, tripling the size of my next biggest event. We’re even renting hardware! This is the frist time I can’t provide all the equipment needed to make things work, so we’re working with Rent-a-PC toRead More

Show us yer desktop!

This is sort of buzzing about in blogland, sort of the equivelent of a Livejournal Meme. I’ve been chattering about setting up my KVM and how things finally turned out. Thought it might be nice for folks to check out my digs. This is where I spend untold hours a day either coding, browsing, chatting,Read More

Summer, 1999.

In 1999, my dad rented a house out on Fire Island, and invited the family to come out for a week or so. Zach was less than a year old, and I hadn’t seen my sister in quite a while. They came out, and we all spent a week together on the island. It wasRead More

Google toy du jour

Go to google, or, if you’re in Firefox, just click or select the Google search field. Type ‘define: something’ – something can be anything you’re trying to look up. Google returns with a (usually fairly accurate) guess about the definition of that word, based on other lookups. Since I’ve gotten totally annoyed with sites likeRead More

Yet another reason to abandon IE.

I spent another chunk of today (probably inappropriately) doing more tuning on the blog. This was inspired by a few articles I was reading on Google AdSense tuning, as well as some other tweaks I wanted to do with the page layout. This turned into a fairly major series of fixes, including finally replacing theRead More

Ambient Dashboard – now THIS is cool

As mentioned on Boingboing, Ambient Devices makes a nifty retro-esque system for displaying realtime data in a traditional ‘analog needle’ mode. The ‘Dashboard‘ consists of 3 analog meters with replacable backdrops. It receives it’s data via FM subcarrier, configured via a web browser. You can go to their site and tell your unit what you’dRead More

Web Developer Firefox Plugin

I do a fair amount of ‘web development’, meaning I tend to write things that are viewable via a web browser. Whether they’re posted on my blog, or on other sites I sometimes maintain, generally my preferred ‘user interface’ is a web browser. I’ve been using a plugin for quite a while called “Web DeveloperRead More