Datestamp That Page!

The last few years have seen Google replace many other traditional forms as the de facto standard way of doing research. If a question comes up or a person is doing research, invariably the first thing folks do is ‘google it’. While working on my current Java project, I’ve had to learn a ton ofRead More

New LJ.XML feed.

I’ve just switched my RSS feed into LJ over to the new format I’ve been working on. This may cause a huge update into LJ, but due to how LJ handles feeds, there’s nothing I can do about that. The new footer has a dynamic counter that shows how many comments have been posted onRead More

Some comments on the Mac vs PC vs Apple debate

There was an interesting article posted on Slashdot this morning, pointing to a Windows Guru’s impressions of Mac OSX Tiger, the next version of Apple’s OS for Macs. In the Slashdot posting, the author says: In the article, he actually confesses that he has ‘been a Mac fan [his] entire life.’ Interesting, considering some ofRead More

Insane bicyclists.

Inspired by my bikeride posting yesterday, EJbythesea pointed me at this collection of insane bike videos. I’ve watched a few of them, and in particular the drag race through NYC (linked with the image above) is insane. On the one hand, I think these people are loopy. On the other hand, I can -totally- seeRead More

Review: Tactics Arena

Game: Tactics Arena Language: Flash Category: Board / Tactics Tested on: Debian Linux + Firefox Rating: 5 out of 5 Offered by: Tao Games (link) Back in the good ole’ days, a couple bright lights came up with a new computer board game that was a variant of Chess. The game was called Archon andRead More

Booyah day!

Holy cats what a day. Zach and I just got back from a great bike ride. This was the first chance I had to pull the ‘bent out of storage and get it prepped for riding. It was a little recalcitrant about getting up and working, but liberal application of chain lube and minor reroutingRead More

The Rokulabs Soundbridge

Wow is this thing cool. I won one of these in a listener giveaway at THE BEST ONLINE RADIO STATION EVUH! (that would be RadioParadise, if you hadn’t guessed). It just arrived today, and I had it up and running in literally 30 seconds. The model I have is a Roku 500 (the ‘bottom tier’Read More

Modified RSS feed.

I’ve been annoyed with a problem with RSS feeds lately, particularly when it comes to Livejournal The problem is that if I post an article to my blog, it gets posted, and then is made available in an RSS feed. The biggest user of this feed is Livejournal, but I have a fair number ofRead More

Which ten commandments?

In a time when there are judges demanding the 10 commandments be displayed in public venues of justice, it’s interesting to ask the question “WHICH 10 commandments?” Oh, didn’t know there were several? Each branch of judeo-christian theology has a slightly different set (some are dramatically different). This page has a great summary of theRead More

The Unitarian Jihad speaks!

Jon Carroll, of the SF Chronicle posted an ‘anonymous mail’ he purportedly received from the Unitarian Jihad. These guys mean business. Check out some of the choice quotes: Greetings to the Imprisoned Citizens of the United States. We are Unitarian Jihad. There is only God, unless there is more than one God. The vote ofRead More

Go go gadget ham radio.

This weekend I finally replaced my aging Yaesu 2meter radio in my car with a much nicer Alinco DR-605 I picked up used off the local MMRA mailing list. The radio came with a nice dual-band antenna, so I needed to rewire the cable ‘snake’ that runs down the middle of the car from theRead More

Java+Jboss+Hibernate rant

Warning. This is a rant. This is the result of several weeks clawing up the learning cliff on this environment, and it’s really wearing me down. You have been warned. I’m have a Hard Time [tm] [reg us pat off] implementing stuff in this environment. The complexity level is enormous, and no one really hasRead More