The New Deadly Sins

I think there should be a new set of ‘deadly sins‘ in the modern world. No religion or government or social structure would ever own up to these, since all are equally guilty of violating them. My short proposed list (coupled with their appropriate Virtues) Ignorance Knowledge Anger Acceptance or Thoughtfulness Hypocrisy Sincerity Arrogance HumilityRead More

Unclear on the concept

I’m exploring some of the weather station solutions for Linux. Folks have been doing various weather stats gathering applications for Windows based machines forever, I’m curious about doing a multiple-input monitoring system that will keep track of indoor, outdoor, and water temperature, and display them on a handy screen. It looks like one of theRead More

Pointcast for Linux?

Anyone remember Pointcast? Back in the late 90’s, this tool was a ‘push’ concept that downloaded headlines, quotes, stocks, and other article details to your PC and showed them in a sort of animated presentation via a screensaver. I found it fascinating. If an article or headline showed up I was interested in, I couldRead More

Psychedelic Republicans!

The latest in the Collectible Cardgame craze! That’s right – your world is finally complete! It’s amazing wacky fun time with all-new Psychedelic RepublicansTM trading cards! Collect them all, and gaze on in helpless, pupil-dilating wonder as your favorite C-SPAN stars morph into groovy explosions of technicolor conservatism!

Moderation disabled

We’re going to give a try to running without comment moderation for a while. So folks posting / commenting on things should be able to see their posts immediately. Let me know if anything odd crops up.

Pictures from Maine

I’d like to do some more picture-sharing, so here’s a few I took last night during one of the first ‘clear’ sunsets we’ve had in weeks. Of course, as I type this, it’s thundering and raining outside (a set of storms moving through the area), but yesterday and today were great. The lake is HornRead More

Where in the world is Dave?

Sorry for the total lack of updates lately. I can tell you about at least one of the things that’s burbling around. This morning we accepted an offer on our house, with a closing set for July 31st. We’re pretty excited, but also quite worn. Yay!

The J2EE vs .NET argument

I’ve had a couple conversations with people regarding .NET vs J2EE as a choice for application development and deployment. From a purely technical standpoint, the two technologies are very similar. The tools are powerful and detailed in both environments, and the end result is a distributed, object-based application platform. But to me, taking the ‘C#Read More

This is so unfair.

There ought to be a law against this: I get that there’s the whole “though April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May” thing, but, hey, we’re almost done with May, can we have a little sunshine? Please? (This is actually the forecast for about 100 miles north ofRead More

Shure E2c Success!

Last week I braved the discount racks at Microcenter down in Cambridge for an hour or two just sort of looking to see what’s available. I would highly recommend this exercise to anyone who likes finding affordable items in the “Gosh, I could use that!” mindset. This weeks find included a set of opened-but-new ShureRead More

Further to my anti-religion commentary…

Just to follow on to my recent posting, while reviewing James Randi’s excellent weekly column, I read a great quote from the master himself, Mark Twain The so-called Christian nations are the most enlightened and progressive … but in spite of their religion, not because of it. The Church has opposed every innovation and discoveryRead More