Ruben Bolling on the Creationism wonks…

Ruben Bolling (author of Tom the Dancing Bug) totally nails it on the head in the 5/14 strip “Religious activists held a news conference to promote their demand that schools stop teaching that water freezes at 32 degrees fahrenheit.” Thanks to Tom for this pointer.

Microsofts World View Validated Again

If you have a pulse and are connected to the net at anything faster than pigeon speed, you’ve heard that Sony has released the Playstation 3 at the E3 gaming expo. I don’t know about you, but the specs on this thing are pretty mindblowing. Checkit: It will support Blu-ray (obviously), DVD±R/W, CD-R/RW Backwards compatibleRead More

Ever wonder how a Lightsaber works?

You see them at the stores, on TV, and occasionally during police activities, but how do they really work? Check out the nice full detailed article at for an inside look at these fascinating and flexible devices. They go into detail not only on the theory and construction, but also into examples of bothRead More

Kitten War! People with too much time.

What can you say about Kitten War? I mean, it’s a site where you vote for the cutest kitten. And with pictures like this one in the top 10, it’s just chock full of squee-ing goodness. My personal caption for this one is “Rar. I am fierce.”.

‘Downing Street’ War Memo

During the runup to the british election, a memo was referenced repeatedly referring to documents detailing a series of high intelligence meetings between british intelligence (MI6) and the Administration in 2002: the documents help prove that the leaders made a secret decision to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein nearly a year before launching their attack,Read More

Game Review: Armagetron

In the ongoing quest to keep myself entertained, I try to rummage around looking for good distractions to while away the hours between the time I declare “I can’t work anymore” and the time I can safely say “It’s time to go to bed.” My earlier solution to fill these hours was Kobo Deluxe, which,Read More

Aliens sighted over Florida! Or not…

This is sort of interesting. If you go to a few specific spots in Google Maps, you can see what appears to be huge spheres over parts of Florida. A bunch of folks have been chatting about this, and several theories (“It’s a Mentos ad!”) have been suggested (“Swamp gas from a weather balloon gotRead More

Blogs and Quotes and Stuff

Yay, it looks like Derek has started blogging again, another person to add to my Sage feed. I have to thank Derek for finding this quote, which I had seen many years ago, but couldn’t actually find: The geographical center of Boston is in Roxbury. Due north of the center we find the South End.Read More

Multitasking in the aughts.

A post in Tom’s livejournal made me think a bit about how people use computers in the modern day. Back in the Dark Ages (the 80’s and early 90’s), most PC’s ran single tasking operating systems that let you run (with only slight variation) one program at a time. You ran one program, when youRead More