Further BOINC Fun

Our new team in Seti@Home BOINC processing is cranking away. All the user information has migrated into the BoincStats.com system, and our ranking is rapidly climbing up the ladder. I have to admit seeing full statistics and graphing stuff like this representation of the Stonekeep team is just too cool for words. We’re ranked aboutRead More

Another reason I detest Windows.

Folks are well aware that I’m not exactly a screaming Microsoft advocate. While I concede they’ve done more to advance and stabilize the concept of ‘Computers for Everyone’ than virtually any other manufacturer (save perhaps Apple), they’ve done so in such a poor, disorganized, and ruthless fashion, it’s resulted in a global environment that isRead More


It’s rare that I find an online service that I really get sunk into right off the bat, but Flickr.com has me totally roped in. Some friends of mine have been using it for general picture sharing, and although I knew a bit about it, my experience with other picture sites (Shutterfly, some others) hasRead More

Seti@Home New Team

The legions of Stonekeep minions took on a new dimension today as we set up the Stonekeep Cluster Computing team on Seti@Home. We’ve got some fairly high-power hardware lying around, so we figure it was time to put all that idle silicon to work and band together. If you’d like to join, feel free. It’sRead More

Cool Google Maps toy du jour.

This is a cute little toy. Kayak Buzz lets you type in an airport code, and it’ll show you, on google maps, a list of discount tickets radiating out from that airport, color coded based on price. This includes international flights. Nifty. I’m honestly not sure about the usefulness of this. The listing of theRead More