Chasing the Power

Every once in a while I get a good dose of greeniness, and look around my little corner of geekiness and sort of wonder “How much juice is this actually using?” After asking Cat what our monthly electric bill was ($300!), I decided this question needed a closer look. A month or two ago IRead More

A quickie XM comment

In all my driving around I have a lot of time to listen to XM Radio in the techno-van. Much of the time I spend listening to the various comedy channels – sort of non stop standup. It’s pretty interesting, but one unexpected delight keeps coming up. Apparently XM Channel 151 has picked up theRead More

Thanksgiving in Ashland

Dave Originally uploaded by dbang. Yesterday we all went over to Steph and Dwight and Sarah‘s house for their (now traditional) “Day after thanksgiving hang out and share leftovers” day. It ended up being an outstanding afternoon of socializing, food, kids, chat, and general friend-connectedness. Part of the fun was being outside (after all theRead More


nintendo Originally uploaded by eidolon. Perhaps today wasn’t a good day to try and get Nintendo DS information off (for those not in the know, today the Nintendo Wii launched in the US.)


Details about where CCP is going with Eve Online are being announced by the CEO at their 2006 Fanfest. Some choice tidbits: A Linux client is being ‘actively developed’, as well as a Mac client Avatars are coming, so characters can walk around the stations. The avatars are fully dynamic, with eyes tracking other charactersRead More

The code, she is a flowin.

Rain. Cold. Cloudy. These to me are the harbingers of only one thing. An excellent day of coding. And an excellent day it was. Almost 12 hours, with a meeting and a good lunch to interrupt, had me rewriting an entire interface to the application, reworking a build script so it was more efficient, andRead More

Idiot AP Reporters

What is it with supposedly ‘technical’ reporters? They apparently haven’t clue ONE about the material they’re writing about. Take for example an article appearing in the Herald Tribune – Europe. The subject is a good one, Tim Berners-Lee discussing research into the future of the ‘net. A worthy topic, but the short article contains thisRead More