Calendar sharing. Nirvana found?

What is seemingly the bane of existence for most non-Microsoft users is the constant problem of “How can we share calendars?” Exchange does this extremely well, and there are many a Linux zealot, when confronted with the “Okay, we’ll try Linux. How do we share calendars?” has had to hide in shame. For me, theRead More

Eve Crankiness

It’s mighty frustrating when your chief distraction / addiction starts being totally unuseable. Grrr. And, in the rant department, I really detest ‘debugging’ Windows problems, as I’ve had to do twice today. Windows gives you NO feedback on what’s going on. It either works, or it doesn’t, and the process for ‘fixing’ the problem involvesRead More

Snarking the Cape Wind detractors.

As usual, The Daily Show nails the tragic issues of the Cape Wind project dead on. Truly, the threat to Nantucket and the Sound is astounding and profound. Good thing that The Daily Show brought this potential debacle to our attention. See the video to understand… what’s at stake. Powered by ScribeFire.

Vague amusement at technology.

I find it terribly amusing, coming from a long history of data communications involvement, that my tactic, when deciding to walk away from my computer, is to turn the volume down so I don’t disturb others. Why is this amusing?  Because I don’t even bat an eye at the fact that I’m streaming 128kbps worthRead More

Pats and Pans

In one of the “making community work” bits of reading I’ve done, I read about a process for group meetings called ‘Pats and Pans’. The idea is when everyone gets together for some form of communal meeting (be it “house meeting” or “gardening club” or whatever), folks go around and say one good thing (aRead More

Dear Starbucks…

IF you are going stand up and say to the world “I will charge $2.85 for a cup of coffee” (coffee which, realistically, costs you all of about $0.15 to make), you could at least: Ensure that your PAY FOR wireless service is actually functioning, or let your patrons know that it’s broken LONG beforeRead More

End of the day

End of the day Originally uploaded by eidolon This year has been great for Maine visits, and this past weekend was just super-awesome. It was a particularly stressful week, and also going into another stressy week, so the break in the middle was a welcome respite. Friday night was warmer than we normally like, butRead More