Dear Intarweb…

Somewhere, back in the mists of UI design, some bright light came up with the idea of making options in an application or desktop environment selectable by using a mouse to point at a menu along the top of a work area, clicking on the menu, and having it present more options. This was calledRead More

Linksys router upgrade

Nothing like a nice quiet thanksgiving weekend to take it easy around the house, enjoy some quiet time with the family, and… UPGRADE YOUR ROUTER! Our Linksys WRT54g has been happily managing our net connection for about 2 years now. I’ve been noticing some twitchy problems with it off and on (about once a monthRead More

Life snapshot…

“Dad?” “Yeah zach, what’s up?” “I’m posting something in a forum, how do you make a link?” (Dad pauses here, thinking scary thoughts about open forums, but willing to check it out…) “What forum?” “OneMoreLevel” (Another pause to check it out – chats about online games. Okay, this seems innocuous enough…) (details about how toRead More

Buy my printers!

I’m unloading my old badge printers to help finance upgrading to new, smaller, lighter printers from Evolis. This means the badge printers I’ve been using at conventions for the last couple years are up for sale. See the Craigslist ad for details.

Oops :(

I have a lot of laserdiscs. Last count had it around 210. Since we moved almost 2 years ago, about half of these were stored in the basement in what I thought was a stable box. Well, it wasn’t. Apparently the box had shifted and moved around a lot, and ended up with the discsRead More

Yawl gets a new face.

New Desktop Originally uploaded by eidolon Investing in hardware for my workspace is always hard, particularly when it could easily be interpreted as “Oh, that’s just for FUN.” But with the price of LCD monitors dropping, it was time to take the plunge and replace my 17″ 1280×1024 monitor with a Dell 2001FP 19″ 1600×1200Read More