Join our BOINC team! Again!

I suppose it’s okay to mention every two years or so that I have a BOINC team that is collectively pooling all idle computing power and using those idle cycles for scientific research and analysis. Since 2 years ago, the number of projects that use the BOINC software has increased and diversified widely, though theRead More

Decorated laptops?

That’s the third time I’ve had a comment about my laptop this week. I guess it’s unusual enough to have a Flying Spaghetti Monster plaque on the machine, but the addition of a large “for SCIENCE!” black bumper sticker just made it that much more comment worthy. Though, spending a few minutes trying to explainRead More

Grrr du jour, KDE + Flash = FAIL!

Well doesn’t that just frost your fingernails. This morning an update came down the pike from the Ubuntu distribution that updated the Adobe Flash (nonfree) plugin, a plugin I use primarily in Konqueror. While it’s nice that Adobe is actively supporting the Linux community, this morning’s screwup makes me grit my teeth and take anotherRead More