Picture 018 Originally uploaded by eidolon When we first starting putting Mosaic together, I was all excited to exercise my basic scrounging skills and start accumulating stuff to fill out all our new spaces. Alas, Mosaic took a LOT longer than expected to come to fruition, but now we can finally start getting all theRead More

ENSMB at Honkfest!

IMG_6687 Originally uploaded by eidolon Today Zach and I stopped by Davis Square to take in Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band‘s performance at HonkFest. There were zillions of people around, with at least 3 different bands playing at any one time (far enough apart so they didn’t overlap at all), and tons of great costumes,Read More

Jay Walker’s Library

I’m certainly a collector. Scouring eBay looking for another odd component to add to my esoteric toy collection is an age old pasttime. But Jay Walker, the founder of and entrepreneur extraordinaire, has taken it to the ultimate. has an article and pictorial about his private library, containing centuries old books, originals ofRead More

The Weekend, Redux

A couple quick notes from this past weekend. First, Rock Band 2. ZOMG. I absolutely understand that the PS2 version of Rock Band vastly outsells the Xbox version, but going from our PS2 setup at home (which, admittedly, is pretty good), to a full Rock Band 2 setup on an XBox 360 with about 100Read More

Identify that Restaurant!

20081003 iphone 045 Originally uploaded by eidolon This weekend I’m out in Pittsburgh, and it’s a requirement, when I’m here, to go to a somewhat infamous restaurant in Pittsburgh. Can you identify it from this picture of these unbelievably yummy pancakes?


Apparently Zach can walk through walls. Yep, it’s easy for him, he even almost got me to do it, he said it was easy. I kept having him do it over and over again, then went over to the common house, and showed Diana, and she didn’t believe it either, until I finally convinced himRead More