This I Believe

When I first starting hearing the audio submissions for NPR’s “This I Believe” project, I wondered if I were given the opportunity, what would I say? In this confusing season, with wildly contradictory messages being pushed in from all quarters, I thought it was time to sit down and say… This I believe…

A Scary Metric of my Geekitude

I’m sort of frightened that I’ve either owned or worked with virtually every Obsolete Technology computer pictures page. A few I had to think about a few minutes, but I’ve owned about half of those machines at one point or another, and either supported or worked directly with another third.

Yearly BOINC Reminder

About once a year I toss out a reminder that I have a BOINC team actively chewing away on a variety of projects (SETI@Home, Rosetta, Folding, ClimatePrediction, etc). Out of 78,000 teams worldwide, we are currently at position 1197 – at our best, we were at 662. I’m guessing a lot of this has beenRead More