Random distractions

I generally don’t forward along memes, youtube videos, or whatever, but having just seen this one in Steam’s livejournal, I know enough cat owners to know it’ll be appreciated. Have the sound on, it makes it all more apropos. Totally worksafe, assuming your coworkers can handle “mrow?” and “BWAHAHAHAH”. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEmQHkdBHr0&rel=1&border=0] Personal observation. I believeRead More

A smirk for the morning

From a conversation with Kevin about his final decision to punt windows and move on to better things… nickhalfasleep sez:Amazon users who bought a mac also purchased: * Beret * Black Sweater * Smug attitude While that certainly brought me a chuckle, the conversation definitely let me hash out bits about the triumphs and theRead More

A quickie XM comment

In all my driving around I have a lot of time to listen to XM Radio in the techno-van. Much of the time I spend listening to the various comedy channels – sort of non stop standup. It’s pretty interesting, but one unexpected delight keeps coming up. Apparently XM Channel 151 has picked up theRead More

The Cyclists Haggadah

(As written by Evan Parks of NYC on The Cycling Forum : All who are in need of spring training, come and ride with us. All who are hungry, come and partake of our carbohydrate-laden treats. [The bottle of cytomax is held up and the blessing is recited:] Blessed are You, our G-d, Universal RulingRead More