Today’s GeekSquee

I have much geek-joy this morning. Yesterday was a banner day in playing with all the little toys I have, and building up some new ones. Without boring you all to smithereens going on about details in my Java / XML project, lets go with a few things that are slightly more tactile. Gaming, Cons,Read More

Enabling Relationships

I have to admit, there are times when having an enabling partner brings unexpected benefits. In this case, my wife happens to work for Bose as a project manager, and as such as access to their employee discounts and specials. Because of her signing bonus, we have a lovely Bose Lifestyle 48 soundsystem to complementRead More

A successful movie night.

Last night the a-forementioned movie night was had at Chez Geek. This was my first real chance to show off the new monitor setup. We chose Chronicles of Narnia for presentation – so the kids could attend, and the grownups would have something to enjoy as well.

MythTV Update – New video!

It’s been a while since I last posted about the ongoing MythTV project here at Chez Geek. For the most part it’s been quiet. After coming back from Ubercon, where the box was very well received, I sort of parked it on the side and didn’t touch it for a few weeks. This week, thingsRead More

GeekState 1.1

After a week of whining about things broken and whys, this has been a day or two of resolution and fixing, so lets put some positive things down on the Geekscale… MythTV The MythTV box has been resurrected. Thanks to the joy that is KnoppMyth, and the foresight to put all my ‘file storage’ (music,Read More

Today in the Book of Why

Friendzzzz, open our K&R to page 32, psalm 12. Today we shall recite from the Book of Why, wherein all manner of faults in life are exposed for cleansing… Let us begin… Why… did my MythTV primary volume kick the bucket just at the point where I’m ready to start working on some code toRead More

MythTV – Success!

“It’s really unstable” “It’s painful to set up” “Good luck with all the yak-shaving!” Poppycock! I come to you happily reporting on the successful installation, configuration, and implementation of MythTV. For those not in the know, MythTV is an opensource (aka Free) system that mimics much of the behaviour normally attributed to a Tivo. AtRead More