Dave’s Vintage Handheld Computer Collection

I started collecting handheld computers ‘officially’ in 2016, after I realized the piles of gear I’ve collected over the years constituted a small museum.


It’s easy for a collection to get out of hand.  There’s so much stuff out there, and ebay is so vast, it’s important to put limits on what you’re putting together.  For me, I have a limited amount of space, so focusing on handheld machines made it possible to build a collection, but not take up gobs of space.

To be considered for the  Vintage Handheld Computer Collection, a device must be:

  • a ‘computer’ in the sense it is programmable and can run pre-loaded or configured instructions in sequence.
  • must run on or be capable of running on internal batteries
  • be a ‘handheld’ in that it can be used one handed or very lightly with two hands (such as a tablet or PDA).  This definition can flex dependent on the ‘interestingness’ of the item.
  • should predate Windows 95
  • be significant in some way – represent a new direction of technology or tools (first / early version), or have a large scale impact on the handheld ecosystem (most popular / most successful)

Handheld computers

Handheld Games

  • Atari Lynx


  • Canon X-07
  • Curta Model 1 or Model 2
  • HP-65 Calculator (First programmable calculator)
  • HP-41C Calculator (First programmable with alphanumeric display)
  • Psion Organizer I
  • Psion Series 5x
  • Grid GridPad – First useful tablet computer
  • Nixdorf LK-3000
  • TI 74 Basicalc