TI-74 Basicalc

I had never heard of these machines until one came up on /r/retrobattlestations and I just had to have it.

The Basicalc is one of the early programmable calculators that was starting the trend in handheld computing from ‘calculator’ to ‘computer’. The TRS-80 PC-1 is another great example.

The TI-74 has a working BASIC interpreter, as well as the standard calculator functions. It also includes a ROM Module slot that allows for plugin expansion of pre-packaged applications.


  • TMS70C46 CPU
  • 31 5×7 character LCD
  • 32+4 KB ROM
  • 8 KB RAM
  • RAM/ROM memory expansion port
  • Hexbus port
  • 80 characters per line (31 visible)
  • powered by 4 AAA-size batteries

Happy to have this in the collection!


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5 thoughts on “TI-74 Basicalc

  1. Just today I found one of these in a flea market and as a vintage computer collector I should say I love it. I have been writing short basic programs all the day. Now I need a CI-7 interface to connect a tape recorder and I will be a really happy man.

    BTW, Cool blog!

    1. They’re pretty nifty. I haven’t done any long programming on it yet, I just wanted to make sure it worked and I could noodle around with it . So far so good! Glad you’re enjoying it (and the blog 🙂

    2. Hi Vhzc, I know it’s quiet a long time since you launched the request but if you are still in search of a CI-7, I’ve got one. In fact I used a TI-74 basicalc, with the CI-7 interface for recoding programs and I also baught a 8K memory extension as well a Mathematic Library extension. I finally baught a TI-95 Procalc. All in their own box+user book. Interested ?

  2. Complete TI-74 Reviewer’s Set for sale – everything in mint condition.
    TI-74 BASICALC + Printer + PASCAL Cartridge + AC adaptor + orig.
    prospect- everthing complete and in original box; together in original
    TI despatch box.
    Serious bids will be equally considered.

    1. Hi Ray – a bit late to the party but do you still have your reviewer’s set? I’d be interested in it – trying to find information about the different cartridges that were available for it.

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